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4 Ways To Keep Your Company Culture Thriving & Team Happy

The following post is based on the YouTube video “4 Things To Improve Your Company Culture From An Operations POV”. Click here to watch if you prefer to take in information in a video format. 

The “What Makes Company Culture Bad” document mentioned in the video can be found by clicking here.

People are no longer accepting the bare minimum when it comes to work. What can you do to ensure you are setting your team up for success while maintaining efficiency and profitability? 

It’s simple. Create an environment where they would want to stay. But what does that look like? 

I’ll show you. Here are 4 steps to ensure you are keeping your team healthy and happy… From a Process standpoint that is! 

Document Your Processes

The core of having a healthy company culture is having well-documented processes. When everyone knows their role and responsibilities, it leads to smoother operations and minimizes confusion. Documenting your processes achieves the following:

Clarity: It ensures that everyone understands their tasks and expectations.

Efficiency: Clearly defined processes lead to streamlined workflows and reduced errors.

Scalability: Documented processes pave the way for growth and easy integration of new team members.

In return, it helps to prevent micromanagement, sets the groundwork for efficient onboarding, and provides a foundation for future improvements.

Just remember to keep it updated, otherwise, it can become a huge bottleneck.

Efficient Onboarding

Onboarding sets the tone for your team member’s journey within your organization. It’s important to make this process as efficient and informative as possible. Consider these aspects for a successful onboarding process:

Clear Job Scope: Ensure that new hires understand their specific roles and responsibilities from day one. If you’re working with Independent Contractors, make sure you both agree on the scope of work BEFORE projects begin.

Mission and Values: Communicate your company’s mission and values to align new employees with your organizational culture. The policies surrounding company culture stem from this. 

In other words, if it’s not something you already live by, it’s going to be hard to implement for others.

Prioritize Communication

Transparency and open dialogue between leadership and team members are key. Here’s how to ensure communication is built into your processes:

Overcommunicate: One of the quickest ways to “clog” your business’ efficiency is to keep things to yourself. If the team is impacted in any way, let them know. Transparency builds trust.

Regular Updates: Keep employees informed about company developments, even during challenging times.

Feedback Channels: Create opportunities for team members to voice their opinions and concerns. When your team feels heard and informed, they become more engaged and committed to the company’s success.

Move Quickly

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, certain team members may not align with your company culture. Here’s what to consider before letting someone go or “punishing” them by making the work environment hostile for them: 

Regular Check-Ins: Periodically assess team satisfaction and engagement to identify potential problems.

Honest Conversations: If an employee consistently underperforms or disrupts the workplace, address the issue directly and professionally. Having an HR professional would be ideal here to mediate. 

Timely Decisions: If efforts to align a team member with your company culture prove to be unsuccessful, be prepared to make tough decisions.

Letting go of a team member is never easy, it’s sometimes necessary to maintain a productive work environment.

What Now?

Building a strong company culture requires ongoing effort and commitment. Documenting processes, effective onboarding, transparent communication, and addressing issues promptly are just a few core steps you can take to build a thriving environment. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps in improving your company culture, you can check out our services page to see how we can come in to help your journey. 

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