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6 Things to know before Delegating

Before you hire someone to join your team, here are some things you should know (and do) prior.

– Have a system (a way you do things consistently and can be duplicated) in place: This doesn’t have to be all digital apps/systems, but it’s great having a set way to do business.

– Know what you need. We all need help. Get clear on what you need. Write/type it out. Otherwise, you end up “wasting” money and everyone’s time.

Our VIP day helps with this portion.

– Figure out your budget. Saying Reasonable isn’t a budget. Everyone has their price. If you only afford or are looking to spend a certain amount, say that.

– Independent Contractors are business owners. Unless you’re going through an agency or one of the businesses like Upwork, Fiverr, etc, Expect to spend small business pricing. (Shoot, we have taxes, Maintenance, etc to pay too )

– Don’t expect a fast change. Like anything, it can take time. Some changes happen right away, but overall it takes a few months to really see and experience the change/results you want.

– When you first delegate, respond to emails/messages/etc. I mean, it should be anytime, but especially true with the onboarding process

Once you check off this list, it’s time to find someone! For more tips, you can read the article VA or OBM. Otherwise, leave a comment below!

Happy delegating!

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