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Business Success Tips in 2023 (and beyond)

1. Ensure EVERYONE is in on goals. Of course, leadership should be first to know but to keep up with good work culture and accountability. Let your other team members know as well. You can decide the number of details each level should know.

2. Make sure processes are updated throughout the year. Oftentimes, updates are pushed to the side as businesses grow and by the time it’s a thought, it’s overwhelming to sort through. This is where my company, The Lazy Millennial, comes in so you don’t lose the momentum of your vision but your policies, processes, etc are updated continuously.

3. Ensure that your current team is still satisfied with where they are, you aren’t overworking them, etc. Not everyone is confrontational and now, more than ever, you want to stay on top of employee/contractor satisfaction.

4. Stay on top of finances. Make sure to cancel subscriptions for things not in use. Look into paying yearly for things you constantly use (if possible). Ensure you are charging enough to support your growing (and current) team. People do not care if you can afford something or not. Find a solution.

5. Show up digitally. People are wanting to see the people behind the business. Talk more about your mission, vision, etc. People support people.

6. COMMUNICATE. Overdo it if needed.

7. Focus on retention. Whether it be staff, clientele, etc, see where you can retain. it takes more work to keep bringing in new people vs. what you have.

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