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Document Your Processes with your to-do list

We like to keep things lazy over here! So here’s something you can implement today to start documenting your processes.

Do you write out to-do lists?

If so, you’ve already started the foundation of documenting your processes!

Where do you go from here?

First, Create a folder and label it by the Quarter and year.

Second, create a document for your to-do list (if not done already). **If you’re a member of Journey to Laziness, check out the Resources tab to grab templates!**

Third, write a few sentences on what the tasks help with, hopeful outcome, and frequency.

Fourth (optional but highly recommended)- Write the steps for the tasks. 

You can do this weekly, or monthly, or check back at the end of the quarter and update it.

Keep the habit going!

If you’re stuck or need extra accountability, make sure to check out the VIP day listed on the Services page!

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