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How to Build a Business While Working 9-5

About 1/3rd of our clientele work a 9-5 and can’t promote their business for legal/personal reasons, so respecting privacy is a must.

However, after some time has passed (and with permission), we can share a little about how streamlining and documenting processes can be beneficial even in the “brainstorming” phase.

Which is what led me to one of my clients. To still respect her privacy as she continues to build, let’s call her T.

T was working a 9-5, and due to the nature of her work, if management caught wind of what she was doing, she risked losing her job.

She knew there was a market for what she did because she was in the industry, but she wanted to make sure she got some foundational pieces set in stone before launching and hiring staff.

During our time together, we worked on Pricing to Profit- breaking down fees, how much to be able to pay her staff, how much to pay herself, etc, what day-to-day tasks would look like, expectations of her team, and more.

She needed this information so she could apply for funding We met monthly, sometimes twice a month, to hammer out the foundational details needed and set a realistic goal of when she could launch certain parts of the business without raising concerns.

Overall, we were able to:

✅ set up her business structure so she was able to get funding that could support what we came up with

✅ Found software that could automate some of the day-to-day

✅ Have real tasks ready for her incoming staff that support what they were hired for

✅ Started a list of tasks that would require SOPs and who would need to complete so she could “exit” her main role quickly

✅ Created a strategy so she didn’t need to be the face of the brand online.

We’re excited to say she is still up and running!

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