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How to Build Your Business System

“Make sure you have a system”! “You need strong systems”! There seems to be all of this advice to have a system in business, but it seems like no one tells you *how* to do this.

So, let’s break it down!

What’s a Business System?

A business system isn’t just about using technology in business. It’s more about how you do things step by step, like when you welcome new customers/clients. So, in short, your system is a group of policies, tools, processes, etc that makeup areas of business.

Speaking of welcoming new clients, different systems within business help you create and maintain the client/customer relationship such as your marketing, Sales, and Client/Customer Service.

Moving forward, we’ll stick with the Marketing System. We now know that Systems are simply a combination of our steps in business. So, how do we utilize this?

Creating Your System

Think of steps like a recipe. Just like you follow steps to bake cookies, in a business, you follow steps to do things smoothly, like getting new customers/clients aware that you exist.

What this would look like in a Marketing System is to develop a process (step-by-step action to a particular goal) to get someone to purchase, join your email list, etc.

First, you figure out the platform you want to build up your awareness. Let’s use Facebook since it’s common.

Next, you will think about what you want to draw attention to. Maybe you’re someone who promotes one thing at a time. Maybe you like promoting an assortment of things. Either way, this is where you develop processes to follow on Social media.

If you want people to join an email list, you jot down what kind of calls to action are needed for them to do so. If you’re promoting multiple things, create a separate step-by-step process.

Once you’ve developed the processes (steps), it’s time to test, automate, and fine-tune them by executing what you’ve come up with, measuring KPIs, and consistently improving them. **If you want more information on KPIs, click here to read the short article on this topic**!

Making the Right Choices

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all to systems. What works for one person might not be great for you. It’s okay to get advice but choose what feels best for your business.

This is why we focus on using Organizational Design and Development ideas to help leaders make the right choices for themselves based on their exit plan in business.

Last edit on 2/23/2024

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