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How to Work with an Operational Technical Writer

Have you ever wondered what it may be like working with a Technical Writer? As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, there is a lot of communication involved. While we can’t speak on everyone else’s process, here’s how we things here at The Lazy Millennial.

Holistic Approach to Business Operations

The Operations Technical Writer takes a comprehensive view of the business as a whole. By understanding the core operations, including day-to-day activities, marketing strategies, sales processes, and more, they can develop streamlined and up-to-date procedures that align with the organization’s vision and goals.


Communication is a must for us to get the job done. The Operations Technical Writer works with the leader to translate conversations that show the leader’s vision, goals, and instructions into clear language. This ensures that the documented processes are easily understandable for everyone.

Collaborative Partnership

To help create valuable (and usable) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the Operations Technical Writer adopts the approach of an “unofficial” employee. Collaborating closely with the business leader, they gain firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day operations and task execution. This allows them to capture the unique processes that make up the organization’s operations, resulting in SOPs that are practical, actionable, and closely aligned with business objectives.

This was but a tiny glimpse of how we can effectively help you enhance your operational efficiency, optimize workflows, and drive consistency in your business.

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