How We Serve You

At The Lazy Millennial, we specialize in helping businesses like yours achieve maximum efficiency and freedom. Our goal is simple: we’ll work closely with you and your team to develop processes that optimize your operations. No more bottlenecks, no more being in the middle of everything.

To start your journey of improved processes, please review the appropriate section for a ballpark quote. 

Once reviewed, please head over to our Contact page to solidify this process and we will be in touch!

**Funding available upon request through Wizebank**

Process Development Stage

Before you can scale, you need to ensure the foundational pieces are documented and aligned.

In this stage, here’s how we can assist: 

Process Documentation & Improvement

You’ve already created step-by-step processes, now it’s time to fine-tune them and ensure they are accessible to those that need it most!

Here’s how we help here:

  • Process Improvement Consultations (6 & 12 month options) $42,000/$84,000- includes two calls up to 90 minutes a month, Slack access for in-between moments, and any deliverables discussed during the calls. 

  • Efficiency Accelerator Mini Project ($10,000)– Stop worrying about if you shared the right document with your team and make things operate a lot smoother with accessible SOPs. This 60-day project includes Consulting, Placement of your documentation into a Playbook (SOP) software of your choice, and training on how to implement it into your business once we part ways. **We recommend paying for a full year of the software of choice. We recommend Trainual or Whale.** 

Custom Documentation & Improvement Services

It starts with Onboarding. Hire us to ensure you’re using your team effectively from the time they are onboarded and beyond.

This package includes consulting, updates to current documentation, process development, training, and more. 

Pricing depends on the number of departments, amount of documentation, and frequency of meetings. However, please prepare to budget at least $120,000 for a 6-month period.

I know you’re ready to elevate your systems that allow your team to be an asset – and not just an expense!

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