Working with Adriana & TLM

Adriana is a dedicated Business Process Consultant offering personalized 1-1 Consulting and Done with You Services. The Lazy Millennial stands as an Operations Consulting and Technical Writing Company specializing in services for scaling businesses and for leaders preparing to fulfill their succession plans.

Services fall under the “Development, Digitalize, and Improve” Framework by Adriana

**Please note, that the pricing listed is only an estimate. Please book an appointment for a final quote.**

Development Stage

Focuses on Process Development & Early-Stage Documentation.

For those seeking step-by-step actions aligned with business goals: 

  • Succession Plan Roadmaps- for leaders needing to implement tactics from Org. Design to figure out what succession looks like for themselves and/or team ($5000+)
  • Team/Leadership Training on Process Documentation, development, etc. $8500
  • Custom Packaging (Starting at 6700/month)
Just completed a consultation with Adriana. It was helpful, insightful, and encouraging. I have a list of things to complete as well as things to improve upon. Time and energy very well spent.

Digitalize Stage

Blend of Process Documentation and Improvement, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility.

For those preparing to scale or exit and seeking efficiency through accessible processes.

  • Document and Sell Package ($10,000) For the MicroBusiness owner or leader who wants to structure and document their intellectual property to sell.
  • Efficiency Accelerator $20,000: for the company ready to centralize all of their documentation into a dedicated “Playbook” for their team.
All of my processes were locked in my brain and made sense only to me. She helped me get them onto paper and organized so we could make wise decisions with what we already had created, while planning for growth strategically.

Improve Stage

Assistance in keeping processes updated amidst operational shifts through Consulting and Operational Technical Writing.

For those needing support for Onboarding, day-to-day operations, and staff training.

  • Audit My Processes (Starting at $20,000): For the businesses that need someone to look over their current processes and see what can be better streamlined. Best option before committing to ongoing support.
  • Custom Consulting & Technical Writing Packages (Budget for at least $25,000+/month): Best for those that want to create knowledge bases of their company information and/or other learning options for their team.

Other Useful Information

Yes, we use Elective (previously known as Wizebank).

For those that want to start at a later date, we ask that you put down 10% of your quoted price to get a dedicated slot on the calendar.

This is really dependent on the scope of work, but as long as you utilize the perks outside of scheduled meetings, you’ll be fine! 

Once you fill out the form on the Contact page, we review things on our end to see if we may be a fit and send out a decision email within 24 hours.

If we move forward, we do a call to go over what you need and see what’s priority. Then you’ll get a proposal along with a contract and invoice to make your selection. 

Once the invoice is paid, you’ll get a welcome email with next steps based on your decision. 

We don’t use intake forms and everything is done via calls, email, and text to make things a little easier.

The most simple way to put this is communication. You are hiring us to be able to communicate with others through your words and vision.

We act as your organizational “duplicate” to help you streamline your thoughts so it makes sense.

It depends on your goals. Our purpose is to serve as an overall Operations support. If need help in particular departments, outside help may be needed. Luckily, you don’t have to look far because we anticipate what you may need and have referrals for you on standby.

Please contact Adriana directly via email ( or Social Media. You can one of the links below to be taken directly to her profile.

I know you’re ready to elevate your systems that allow your team to be an asset – and not just an expense!

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