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5 Ways to Retain Talent and Improve Leadership

In a conversation about work ethic, employees, contractors, and leadership, Adriana gained valuable insights into what makes a positive work environment.

Here are some of the key takeaways that can be useful for leaders in improving employee/contractor retention and productivity.

Evaluate Individuals Based on Work Ethic, Not Age or Generation

Laziness is not dependent on a person’s age or generation, but rather their individual characteristics. It is crucial to evaluate individuals based on their work ethic and not make assumptions based on age or generation.

Effective Communication is Crucial

Communication from higher-ups or leaders was identified as one of the main reasons why people leave work. As a leader, it is crucial to communicate effectively with your employees and contractors to create a positive work environment.

Leadership is About Character

A leadership position does not automatically make you a good leader. Your characteristics help shape what makes a business great. Trust the people you hire and work on building a positive work environment.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance and Well-being

Work-life balance is crucial, and providing benefits that encourage physical and mental well-being will lead to better performance from your team. Prioritizing work-life balance also demonstrates that you value your employees and contractors as individuals. If you cannot afford to pay someone a livable wage, at the bare minimum, offer other incentives that can help keep morale high.

Keep Up with Rules and Regulations

Independent Contractors are being used in the workforce at an increasing rate. It’s important to remember 1099 Contractors are not an employee. It is crucial to keep up with your state’s rules and regulations when hiring Independent contractors.

In conclusion, effective communication, trust, work-life balance, and fair compensation are key factors that impact retention and productivity in the workplace.

Whether you have a small team or are a solopreneur, streamlining your processes and improving communication can help create a positive work environment.

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