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What is a Technical Writer and Why You Need One

Technical writers are a lot more common than we think, but we don’t always label ourselves as one. So, what are tech writers?

To answer the question, a technical writer is someone who breaks down what you are trying to communicate in simple, straightforward terms to reduce any barriers your audience may have.

In even simpler terms, they are people you hire when you want to effectively communicate your words/thoughts/ideas/etc with your audience/team.

Although technical writers aren’t new, they may take on titles that better serve their audience. Especially in this online space we are in.

Think blog writers, programmers, Documentation specialists, Copywriters, etc.

Technical writers are hired to make information easy to digest.

You want to ensure if you hire a Technical writer they at least know the basics of your industry or you can communicate well enough with them to grasp and research what they need to know.

Here at The Lazy Millennial, we focus on the Operations of a Business/Company, so our Tech writers are focused on the day-to-day aspects of a business, goal-setting/planning, and more.

We highly suggest that you have a good tech writer in your corner, especially for team management, training, etc.

We know how easy it is to misunderstand information online, so having someone act as a median and develop straightforward documentation is ideal.

If you are thinking about hiring us or any similar company for maintaining SOPs/documentation for your company/business, we suggest you read our other post: Are you ready to hire a Tech writer?

In the meantime, let us know if you’ve ever hired a Technical Writer or if you plan to in the future by commenting below!

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